Quality Improvement

The Trent Hills Family Health Team is dedicated to improving the quality of its services and programs and is accountable to the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care.

Ontario’s Excellent Care for All Strategy

Health care matters to every Ontarian. That’s why the government has taken important steps to improve the quality of Ontario’s health care system and make sure every health care dollar is used to provide the best possible care.

Ontario’s new Excellent Care for All strategy means that:

  1. The patient is at the centre of the health care system.
  2. Decisions about patient care are based on the best evidence and standards.
  3. The health care system is focused on the quality of care and the best use of resources.
  4. The main goal of the health care system is to get better and better at what it does.”

(from http://www.health.gov.on.ca/en/public/programs/ecfa/default.aspx)

As Health Care providers we are required to … 

1. Establish a Quality Improvement Committee (QIC)

THFHT QIC Physicians:                 Dr. Emilie Beyls, Dr. Jamie Read, Dr. Paul Williams
Nurse Practitioners:                      Carole Robichaud (Nursing Supervisor)
Registered Nurse:                           Amy Clarke
Mental Health Worker:                 Michelle Corriveau
Executive Director:                        Delayne Donald
Quality Improvement Support Specialist:   Wendy Lang-Dalby

2. Submit an annual Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) April 1 of every year.

The QIP outlines the quality goals, targets and strategies to reach those targets.

3. Conduct a patient satisfaction survey every year.

Recent Survey Results: